Fern Glade




Fern Glade1

Here's a hat from Knitty called Fern Glade. I made this hat last Summer during my stay in San Francisco and was disappointed with the outcome.

Disappointed? Geez, what was wrong with me back then? I LOVE it now and am itching to make another one.

I used Cascade Venezia worsted and needle size US#4 and US#6. The pattern is supposed to be a beret pattern but my version doesn't really show that. Oh well, I love it to pieces anyways now.

The lace pattern simply makes me swoon... so pretty!

Fern Glade2

Not much knitting going on from yours truly. I am searching for a pattern that will bring some inspiration to this utterly bored knitter. 

Hope everybody else is happily knitting away!



Love it!

That hat is so cute and looks great on you. I'm glad you changed your mind about it.

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