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First of all, uh oh, I found a typo in the Vanessa Headband pattern last night!

I corrected it immediately and if you have downloaded the pattern before or on October 21, get rid of it and download the new and corrected one!

If you have downloaded the Vanessa Headband pattern after October 21, you should be fine. Sorry about, folks, although I try to be very concise and precise, sometimes a typo just sneaks up on you.

Inspiring Events


Over the past few weeks I had the pleasure to attend several inspiring presentations.

The owner of Madeline Tosh held a presentation at Knitty City and I was simply thrilled to see the creative force of the yarn company I love so much. To actually have met Amy Hendrix and to hear her story of how she started Madeline Tosh, was truly inspiring. I really like her, and now I am even more inclined to buy her yarn. I wish her all the best and hope that her business will stay successful because she is doing a great job!

Last night, I attended a Tahki Stacy Charles presentation hosted by yarn shop String Yarns on the Upper East Side of NYC. I was so excited about this that I was an hour too early. What a crazy yarn addict I am, no? 

Stacy talked about the trends of the season and also gave us a sneak preview of their Spring 2011 Collection. Lots of light weight yarns in beautiful colors.

My fiber addiction leads me to exciting places

Rhinebeck Wool Festival 2010

To be around yarn and to connect with industry people and knitters is such a wonderful thing for me.

I am so thankful that I am in a city were lots and lots of events are happening and were I am making beautiful connections. 

In one of my earlier posts about NYC, I talked about how I was a bit intimidated by the forceful energy of the big city. I have to say, I still am a bit but my love for yarn, and my yearn to connect with people that share the same passion and love for yarn help me overcome that. 

My strut has become more confident, I am feeling much more grounded and if the crowds are getting a bit too much for me, I say: "Get out of my way, I have an important yarn event to attend!" See, my dear reader, nothing comes between me and my yarn.

Have a great great weekend, everybody!



Peace and Blessings Nancy

Hey Nancy,this is Naeemah...I would loVe to have yoU at The Village House for yoUr Book Signing...Can i have first "dibs"? I really Love yoUr work...YoU inspIre me,,,may yoUr day be as BeaUtiful as yoU aRe...

Thank you...

Naeemah! Thank you so much for reaching out and leaving me such a beautiful message... I thoroughly appreciate it.

I miss seeing you, your energy is so uplifting and positive. Yes, yes, if I ever do publish a book I would love to have a book signing at the Village House :)

Your Peace and Blessings wishes feel so good. I would like to wish the same on to you: 

Peace and Blessings, Naeemah. I hope we can connect soon.

Look out, NYC! Nancy's on her

Look out, NYC! Nancy's on her way.

You know it!

You know it! *snapping fingers*

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