Fantastic Kick Off

Trunk show at La Casita6

I had a fantastic first day of my trunk show at La Casita's in Brooklyn!

Dear reader, that sweet little yarn shop with a big lovin' heart has welcomed me with open arms and I am in awe of their kindness toward me.

Not only was I delighted that my work was show cased, I was even more happy to actually connect with knitters! To see knitters touch and feel my work, and to see their positive reaction is incredibly rewarding.

Wonderful knitters 

Meet Alex, a great knitter and yarn lover. I heart how she is so passionate about yarn and she told me she loves my designs. You should see her in the yarn shop petting yarn, holding it to her cheek and heart. Truly endearing...

Trunk show at La Casita3

And this is Naheema who told me her inspirational life story while she was knitting up my Lana Glove pattern. I could listen to this inspirational and kind hearted woman all day long... She told me how knitting with the blue yarn and my pattern made her feel happy!

Trunk show at La Casita1

Judy from Chicago purchased two of my patterns. She was visiting her daughter Theresa who lives in Brooklyn. I am so happy they came into the shop today!

Trunk show at La Casita7

I have met many more wonderful knitters and it felt so good to talk with everybody and to see how passionate everybody is about yarn and knitting.

It made me realize how long it has been since I was really able to connect with other knitters, to see how they react to my patterns and to talk about our craft. To receive wonderful feedback and tips on how to accommodate knitters better in my patterns, is very encouraging!

I could go on and on about this wonderful day, but it is after midnight right now and I need my beauty sleep. But before I sign off, look at what my dear friend Jenni from Portland send me to congratulate me with my trunk show:

Trunk show at La Casita5

Isn't that so sweet? In honor of Jenni, I had a nice cold glass of Belgium Lambic! Cheers, Miss Jenni...

Thank you for reading and until the next entry!


Of course they loved you!

Congratulations! So glad it was successful. Here's to the rest of the week going even better!

Thanks, Susan! When are you

Thanks, Susan! When are you coming to NYC :)


Nanci,I am so glad you had a great day and that you are making connections with other knitters.Sharon

Wishing you were here,

Wishing you were here, Sharon...

Great turnout!

What a great day you had!! I'm so happy to hear that . Congrats!

Thank you :) Here's to many

Thank you :) Here's to many more great days!!!

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