Falling in love again with Adrienne



I have fallen in love again with a pattern I wrote 2 years ago: Long Scalloped Glove Adrienne. I have always been fond of this particular pattern which I named after my beautiful tall friend and co-worker Adrienne. It was so much fun figuring out how to make this long fingerless glove and I remember how amazed I was with the result! It has brought me so much joy back then, and nowadays I have fallen in love with it again. Allthough this pattern was written as a fingerless glove, I much rather wear them nowadays as an armwarmer. It especially comes in handy when I wear sweaters or coats with 3/4 length sleeves:


I love the way it scallops so elegantly over the back of my hand... swoon...

Nancy's knitwear 09 (2)

And the way its length keep my arms and wrists warm with those 3/4 length sleeves... poifect, just poifect...

Nancy's knitwear 09 (4)

Feather and Fan

The base pattern of this glove is merely the beautiful Feather and Fan, my ultimate comfort stitch. It is in my opinion the easiest lace stitch out there, it never fails to entertain me and I am never tired of its elegant appearance.


And because Feather and Fan never fails me, I decided to also make a nice and light little cowl with Rowan's Kidsilk Aura to keep my neck warm without too much bulk. Quite the opposite of that huge and bulky garter stitch scarf!

Nancy's knitwear

I love its light and feminine appearance...

Great Christmas Gift

I think these Adrienne Gloves make for a very great Christmas gift. You can make them in many different yarns, just make sure you choose a heavy dk or light worsted yarn and you are going to be just fine.

I made mine with Manos Silk Blend, Cascade Venezia, Rowan Tapestry and Berocco Ultra Alpaca. It is a pattern that looks great in many many different yarns!

So what are you waiting for... knit a pair of Adriennes! And guess what... the pattern is still offered for free on this blog. Click here to get to the page with the pattern.

Nancy's knitwear 09 (5)

Oh, before I forget: on Friday, November 6th I am planning to have a little Getting Purly With It party at the yarnshop CloseKnit. We are going to display Getting Purly With It patterns that I have put out so far and there is going to be a little trunkshow too.

So pencil it in: Friday November 6th, starting at 6pm at yarnshop CloseKnit on Alberta Street in Portland, Oregon. I would so love to meet you!

More details will follow in the next few days, okay?

Thanks for reading and until the next entry!

Hair, make up and photography of images taken of me: Kassandra Sommerville from the Ginger Suite Salon.



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These are my absolute

These are my absolute favorite gift to give!

This was also the very first stitch pattern and project I had tried as a beginning knitter and I was thrilled to make something so beautiful

I have made them many times in Blue Sky Alpaca Sport, and also Manos Silk blend, and they are so wonderfully soft. I think I've made a dozen pairs now and will be casting on 2 more sets this month for teacher gifts.

Thank you again for writing this elegant and well constructed pattern :)

Thank you for the wonderful

Thank you for the wonderful pattern. Knitting a pair with Rowan Tapestry, I love the detail of the lace construction. Welcome back, you were missed.

Nancy, what is the turquoise

Nancy, what is the turquoise yarn? I love it! Nice photos...and, I'm so glad to read your entries again.

These are beautiful! Thanks

These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing the wonderful pattern for free. Wish i could attend the Getting Purly With It Party! Have fun.

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