Everytime we say goodbye...

Everytime we say goodbye5

I left Amsterdam last Thursday and was lucky to be able to fly out considering the heavy snowfall which has been roaming over Northern Europe.

Amsterdam is so beautiful by itself, but with some snow, it looks so romantic!

I was sad to leave but at the same time very excited to see my husband in Portland again.

This thing is so bittersweet...everytime I have to say goodbye to my loved ones in Amsterdam I really die a little inside.

However, when I feel the embrace of the love of my life in the States, I am surrounded by a million little particles of blessings. And that makes it all worth it.

Gearing up to focus

Everytime we say goodbye4

Halloween, Thanksgiving and the Holidays have come to an end and it is time for me to seriously focus on future designs.

I am currently dreaming of all kinds of accessory collections and just to ponder and dream away is such a joy to me. Possibilties and ideas are endless and I just love to chase after them as if they were a thousand colorful butterflies up in the air, swirling and dancing, ready to be caught at any given moment.

Everytime we say goodbye2

To enhance my dreaming I have acquired beautiful buttons at "De Knopenwinkel" in downtown Amsterdam. Thea de Boer who owns that amazing button store has a wonderful selection! I cannot wait to visit her again.

Everytime we say goodbye3

I also have to focus on new topics to blog about at Getting Purly With It.

It has been awhile since I last posted a tutorial and it has certainly been awhile since I last posted a free pattern.

Also, in blogposts to come, I would like to talk more about supplies and tools. For instance needles. Which one to use? Addi Turbos, or bamboo needles. Or maybe plastic?

And I also would like to talk about yarn brands that are out there. What brand do I like best and why? What brand is affordable and still delivers high quality material?

I have so much more topics to talk about! If you have a burning question about a certain knitting topic that you would love to see addressed, please leave me a comment, okay? I really would love to hear from you.

I've got to get busy with so much more things involving Getting Purly With It! So I better get on it.

Thank you for reading and until the next entry!

Okay... one more button picture... I just love buttons!

Everytime we say goodbye1


Wauw Nancy je mooie

Wauw Nancy je mooie knopencollectie!
Heb je ze al gebruikt voor iets? Capejes?
Ik vind de knopen op mijn Sally's ook echt prachtig.
Zo leuk om af en toe te lezen waar je allemaal meebezig bent. En wat een mooie foto's.
Liefs Charly

i look forward to all of

i look forward to all of these topics! When a questions arises, I will jot it down to send you! I love my addi turbo click circular needles :) and buttons! buttons are so amazing, the perfect touch to knitted goods :)

I am so jealous of your

I am so jealous of your button collection!

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