Endless Possibilities

More than a week has passed since I decided to start my knitting blog with WordPress. My oh my, what a journey!

Knitting has not only opened up a whole new world in which I can play with fiber, colors, needles and patterns, but it has also opened up a whole new world for me in the blogosphere. Learning blogosphere lingo, playing around with my digital camera, finding out about technorati, resizing images, scouting the net for information to get more web savvy... what an adventure and equally fun as knitting! Just the other day, early in the morning, when I was admiring a small maple tree, I suddenly realized that there were tiny little dew drops hanging down off so many maple leaves.

I pulled out my camera and tried to capture at least one of the dew drops.

Maple Dewdrop

I chuckled, because the maple leaf made me think of yarn, and the dew drop made me think of a glass bead. There is so much beauty and creativity every where I look, every where around me. I am so fortunate to have the tools to capture it in knitting, digital photography and writing in order to express my creativity. The variables yarn, needles, patterns, internet, photography and writing provide for endless possibilties in creativity and inspiration.

And for that, I am mighty thankful...


That's a lovely photo!

That's a lovely photo!

Love the blog - really

Love the blog - really looking forward to seeing more. The photos look great on my computer, but it's a mac!

Cool picture, I love the red

Cool picture, I love the red reflected in the drop.

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