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This afternoon I had a meeting with two kind and sweet sweet ladies who are willing to model for me. Since the venue of our meet up was in my old stomping grounds the East Village, I decided to go early and take some pictures.

It was again a beautiful sunny day, November has been really spoiling us!

Back then, when I wasn't a knitter yet

The East Village was the very first neighborhood I was exposed to in NYC. My then boyfriend lived here and I visited regularly during 2001 and the next following 4 years.

What I like best in the East Village, is that there is no high rise. Also, a lot of artists live here and it is not as polished as some areas in Manhattan. It still has a raw and grungy feeling to it and I kind of love that.


Too intimidated by the rest of NYC, I would never ever leave the East Village. Even then the East Village was intimidating to me. I know it sounds like I was a scared little mouse, and to tell you the truth, I really was. But I kept on going, bravely, each day venturing further and further away from the appartment. And finding all kinds of cool places. Such one place is Two Boots Pizza and Video where you could find me on a weekly basis.


I visited Two Boots so very often and didn't know that right across from it, was a yarn shop. See, I wasn't a knitter back then. I must have passed this cute little yarn shop called Downtown Yarns so many times without knowing it was there:



Their display is so cute with all the knitted dogs. My friend Jenni would love it! 

My boyfriend (now my husband) lived right next to Thompkins Square Park. I always loved to gaze at the gigantic trees. It would calm me down just to look at them...


When I am not so busy, I will go back and take my time walking around the East Village. It was a crazy adventurous time back then, really a pivotal moment in my life. I have to revisit that again and reflect.

Meet Sarah and Lana

I am happy to announce that Sarah and Lana are going to do some modeling for me! 

You all know Lana already from the Lana Gloves:


I love Lana's energy and now her friend Sarah is going to model too for Getting Purly With It.

I brought a big bag filled with knitted goodness for them to touch and try on. It was a joy to see them react positively to my work. I cannot wait to do a photo shoot... Thanks ladies, it's going to be fun, I am sure!


Thank you for all the encouragement

I want to thank everybody for all the encouragement and all the good vibes you have been sending me. It really fuels me and I am feeling your good good energy coming my way.


I have no clue how the Sunday event will turn out. It is a private event in the Chelsea neighborhood, invitation only. I also have no clue who are invited to this event, nor do I know the curator personally. 

Ah, the not knowing... doesn't bother me at all. It is another adventure and I am ready for it no matter what! After all, doesn't the subtitle of my blog say this:

"Adventures and yarn lustings of a passionate knitter"

So let's jump on this ride with no fear!

Thanks for reading and see you all this Sunday... Have a wonderful wonderful weekend!




East Village

I went to Downtown Yarn store before. They were very helpful and friendly.As others said, you're a brave and adventurous woman!J. 

sweet little shop

J, yes downtown yarns is a sweet little shop :)Oh you should hear my heart pound at times... brave but afraid at the same time, hahaha!

Sometimes not knowing people

Sometimes not knowing people who are going to be involved in an event produces less anxiety than when all are known. (I speak from experience!) Gives you a chance to just go in and be yourself and enjoy the entire experience.  Your models look like such nice and friendly gals, perfect for showing off your lovely creations. :-)  It will be so fun to hear all about your Sunday adventure. Meanwhile, relax and enjoy the prreparation and finishing touches that will be going on tomorrow.  You'll be in my thoughts. :-)

Sweet and kind

Sarah and Lana are the sweetest... 

Aha! You have done events in the past? Than you know what I am going through... I am feeling and appreciating your good thoughts!

I LOVE the East Village!

I LOVE the East Village! Haven't been back there for a while. I'll bet they missed you!

My favoritestestest...

Susan, the East Village is my favoritestestest of all neighborhoods. Oh the crazy stuff I have experienced there...Like you won't believe it...


You are a darling Brave woman and i am so proud of all you do every day and all you touch and inspire. May your knit ware a love unravel threw out nyc like a luscious ball of red yarn. p.s. i do love the window!♥♥♥

Miss Jenni!

Oh Miss Jenni, I cannot wait to take you to Down Town yarns and the East Village. Usually, this big huge golden Labrador is in Down Town yarns:

downtown yarns

But when I visited, he was home with his daddy. 

During Halloween, I heard everybody in the East Village dresses up their dog and there's a parade!

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