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It wasn't until april 2009 that I finally succumbed to this Social Media phenomena called "Twitter". Not knowing how things would play out for me and my blog, I just jumped in to see if it would be fun. And let me tell you, fun it has been for me. Ever since I joined Twitter, I enjoy tweets of several bloggers, made some sweet connections, keep up with friends' lives, and simply enjoy myself. Also what Twitter has done for me is reconnecting with what I studied for several years before I became a knitter: Marketing.

Craftypod by Diane Gilleland


One of the people I follow on Twitter is Diane Gilleland, the woman behind the blog and podcast "Craftypod.com". Diane Gilleland, also known in Twitterverse as "SisterDiane", has taught me a lot about new and social media. It is mainly because of her I signed up for Twitter, and it is mainly because of her podcast that I have decided to take my knitting a step further and leverage it to a small business.

I was delighted to see that Diane self published an e-book called "Social Media for your Crafty Business" and when she offered her e-book for free on Twitter for the first 10 people who would Direct Message (DM) her, I grabbed the opportunity! The only thing in return Diane asked for is a review, which I am more than happy to write.

So if you have a crafty business of any kind, and you wish to dip your toe into Social Media, pay close attention.

Book One: Understanding Social Media


Diane has divided her book into two books. In the first book titled "Understanding Social Media", Diane touches three chapters:

  1. The Lay of the Land
  2. Friends and Followers
  3. Providing Value, Setting Goals

In this first book, Diane explains what this social media space actually is, who you will meet, and how to best be. The two spaces Diane mentions are Facebook and Twitter. The emphasis, however, is mainly on social media space Twitter. View it as being introduced on the first day of a new job, and a friendly mentor is taking you by the hand, showing you the new space/office and introducing you to the people you are going to interact with.

Also, this same friendly mentor, will show you the ropes of the job by helping you set your goals. This all happens in a friendly and comfortable setting where understandable lingo is used.

Book Two: Using Social Media


In the second book called "Using Social Media", the following chapters are discussed:

  1. Nuts and Bolts
  2. Time Management and Results

Now that your friendly mentor has explained to you what social media actually is and now that you have set your goals in this space, Diane shows you on how to actually use this tool called Twitter.

Questions like what to write and with what frequency immediately arises: What should I tweet about? Is this interesting enough? Shall I tweet only about products? Or should I tweet about personal and private topics as well? How often should I tweet? How much time should I spend on Twitter at all? Will this all pay off?

Take a deep breath, exhale, relax and let Diane coach you through all of these questions in her book. In great detail, Diane will show you exactly how best to bring your message across and in what frequency. She uses lots and lots of examples and I find this very valuable and extremely helpful.

Overall impression


If you are a listener of Craftypod, you must agree with me that Diane has a very friendly and clear tone of voice. This vibe carries into her e-book, I am happy to see.

Starting a crafty business is very exciting. Keeping your crafty business going, and using all the tools at hand, can be at times, very tedious. I often hear from crafty friends that the one thing they most dread is Marketing and Social Media.

Having studied Economics and Marketing myself,  I can see how this topic can be overwhelming. Especially marketing lingo can be quite off-putting if you aren't familiar with it.

I can assure you that Diane Gilleland's style of writing is not overwhelming at all. In a very friendly tone of voice, in understandable lingo, Diane dishes you manageable bite size pieces which one can easily chew, smoothly swallow and digest. Instead of being overwhelmed, wide-eyed, and confused what to actually do with this tool called social media, Diane will motivate and inspire you to jump in and just do it!

Great prize for tremendous value

Diane's e-book "Social Media for your Crafty Business" certainly gets two thumbs up by yours truly.

For only $12.50 you will receive tremendous value, I can assure. Also, if you have never listened to Diane's podcast, may I suggest you give it a try? Many of her shows have motivated and inspired me to take my work to the next  level: the start of a small business.

Some links for you: Social Media for your Crafty Business CraftyPod, the Blog CraftyPod, the Podcast Follow Diane on Twitter!

All images in this post courtesy of Diane Gilleland.

Thank you for reading and until the next entry!


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Following you on Twitter now. (I'm JelliDonut.)

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