Distance does for Love...

Distance does for Love4

In 2001 I met my future husband during a trip to the magical island of Bali. Him being from New York City and me being from Amsterdam didn't seem to stop our love.

In our first year of being a long distance couple, he sent me a chinese proverb, beautifully framed, saying:

" Distance does for love what the wind does for a flame.

It extinguishes the weak and feeds the strong."

Then after 4 years of living in two different countries, we finally got married and I left for the United States of America.

Saying goodbye to friends... and reuniting!

Distance does for Love1

Sailina and me december 2009

When I left Amsterdam, I said goodbye to three of my dearest friends. I did so with pain in my heart. For the first couple of  years of being away from them, I was not able to think about them without crying a little bit.

Distance does for Love2

Me, Cartoony and Wally in 2001

What fun and loving memories I have with my girls... Many nights of partying, many days of sharing good good times, and many moments of love we shared.

We helped each other carry on when things got tough, we would hold each other's hand when things got scary.

And then in 2005, they let me go and respected my wish of being with the love of my life.

Back then my future husband sent me that chinese proverb. And now this same chinese proverb applies to me and my girls...

As for knitting

Happy New Year

I haven't been knitting at all for the past week! Instead I have been scouting the cute little stores in downtown Amsterdam for inspiring materials.

One of the stores where I spent many hours and dropped many euros as well, is the button store owned by the fabulous Thea de Boer:

Distance does for Love6

I just went crazy in that store. I couldn't contain myself. And I loved every minute of it!

You really have to check out her website, and of course visit her when you are in Amsterdam.

Thea's button collection is simply FABULOUS!

That's it for today... Thanks for reading and until the next entry.


Hee Nance, Zit nu op

Hee Nance,

Zit nu op kantoor en was met collega's aan het geinen over onze populariteit op het internet. Op mezelf gaan googlen met de gedachte dat er niets van mij op het net te vinden is behalve op de site van mijn werkgever.
Wat schetst mijn verbazing... een plaatje van mij en jou. Très drôle!

Hi Nancy. Als het goed is zit

Hi Nancy. Als het goed is zit je in the plane. Ik hoop dat je een leuke tijd hebt gehad en dat je met je beste vriendinnen genoeg hebt gechat. Ik vond het in ieder geval leuk en gezellig, jammer dat de tijd zo kort was.Ik had jouw nog zoveel willen vragen over van alles en nog wat en ook over Trevor die je nu ontzettend mis kan ik mij iets bij voorstellen.
Moooooie cowl heeft mijn moeder ze is er blij mee. Ik hoop die patroon zsm te ontvangen.Ik zie dat het van breed naar smal is gebreid, zo leer ik ook wat. Een aanrader dus.Heel veel succes met knitting en lots of happiness met trevor en fam. en vrienden. Tot Kijk.

Hi there Nancy!!! It has been

Hi there Nancy!!! It has been awhile since I visited your blog: ( What a fun day to visit: )))) Can't wait to see your buttons! I love your love story and the cute photo of the shop. Wish I could be there with you. Amsterdam was a fav. for me way back in '74 when I visited last. heee! see you when you get back. I wear the hat you knit me every day!

I ADORE button stores! This

I ADORE button stores! This alone would be worth a trip to Amsterdam!

When you get home you'll have

When you get home you'll have to show us your purchases.

I really like the quote about long distance love.

Have a safe journey home.

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