Design succes from an unexpected yarn






Over the past week I have been in serious designing mode with several super bulky yarns and although working with big yarns takes less time, it doesn't mean a design comes easily.

Especially one particular piece (let's call it design #1) I have been working on, is viciously kicking my butt.

A royal pain in the behiny, I tell you! I have tried to capture this piece in Rowan Big Wool, but alas, without succes. By the time I knitted the 7th (!!!) prototype with Rowan Big Wool, and the 8th (!!!) prototype with Misti Super Chunky, I produced a loud scream of frustration and uttered words I cannot repeat on this blog.

Sometimes, it just doesn't work out and you have to step away from the design.

And my poor Rowan Big Wool? I murdered it... simply murdered it. I have knitted it up and ripped it out so many times, I simply slapped the life and luster out of it. It lays there, limp and dead. Not a pretty sight, people.


Angry and frustrated I put the design #1 away but promised I would get back to it. If it doesn't want to come out in Rowan Big Wool or Misti Super Chunky, it is bound to come out in another yarn. I am sure of it.

Design #2 and Burly Spun


Still frustrated about the debacle of design #1, I quickly casted on for another design that has been lingering in my head. 

For this one, I grabbed Burly Spun by the brand Brown Sheep, did a little bit of calculation and BAM! The first prototype was immediately to my liking. Love it when that happens!

Since my projects are secret and I cannot blog about it, I will tell you about the yarn itself.

Burly Spun is a very sturdy and super bulky 100% wool,  one ply yarn. There is nothing soft about it in my opinion, it just is  a sturdy workhorse. One that will get the job done without any nonsense. 

With regard to it's thickness and compared to it's price, it beats both Rowan Big Wool and Misti Alpaca Super Chunky. For only $19.-- you will get a good 130 yards.

I never thought this yarn would work for me, since I usually go for the more fancier yarns. But boy was I wrong, I am happy to admit it!

Design #3 and Rasta by Malabrigo


Today, I rushed to Imagiknit's on 18th Street in San Francisco to purchase a new yarn by Malabrigo called Rasta. Yes, you guessed it right, this one is also a super chunky yarn and perfect for design #3.

This super bulky 100% merino yarn is so soft and luscious... I want to pet it all day long. It comes in gorgeous multi colors, but of course I am in need of a solid color for my design. 

Somehow, this white natural color makes me think of ermine. When I was a kid I used to read about kings and queens wearing royal capes with ermine borders.

Let the cute and gorgeous ermine live, I'd say... I will make do with 100% merino yarn!

white-ermine ivan stalio

Illustration by Ivan Stalio

I still have to cast on with this beautiful yarn, my friends. Be sure to get an update!

Thank you for reading and until the next entry.


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