The Degenerate Craft Fair




I have been working on seaming my knitted good since early this morning. As I am writing this, midnight is near... and I am still not done with everything. Pushing through!

Knitted goods

If you are in Manhattan, why don't you come to the Degenerate Craft Fair? Come see me at artist Faune Yerby's booth!

See you there? 


It is in downtown Manhattan and I am super excited about it! For more information click here.

Another super short post, next week things will be back to normal again...

Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend, everybody!


Sally GLoves

Where can the Sally Gloves pattern be purchased?Mildred Yip

Hi there, the Sally gloves

Hi there, the Sally gloves pattern can be purchased on Ravelry as a download. Click here. Thanks!

I am anxious to hear how this

I am anxious to hear how this show goes. I had to look up "degenerate art" - very intersting - and thus sounds like the show will be, too.  From the looks of it in your photo, you are ready. :-)  I really like the mitts with the strap and button. Is that something new, or have I missed it somewhere along the way?  I also am anxious/curious to hear how those huge cowls go over. I bet people are going to love them!  Hope you have a really fun day. :-)

Those mitts with strap are my

Those mitts with strap are my Sally Gloves! The cowls are rather succesful in the city, it is a very hot item these days...

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