A day late


This morning I was welcomed into the new day with bright rays of sunshine! I smiled and thought to myself: "December made a moody entry but look at its happy energy now..."

A good day to head into the city and visit a yarn shop where there are friendly people, a thousand balls of colorful yarn and needles clicking away.

Off to Knitty City I went, feeling good, not feeling stressed at all because I was on schedule with my production knitting and designing.

A good day for a stroll on the Upper West Side, a hazelnut latte and just relax a bit. 

A day late and a pair of hands too short


I hadn't been in Knitty City for a little while and it felt so good when Christina and Jennifer greeted me warmly asking me where I have been. I blamed my lack of frequent visits on production knitting and the ladies nodded their heads and told me that they know how much work that is.

After a little bit of chatting, I browsed all the shelves, touched yarn, marveled over the many beautiful colors and just had a ball. Pun intended.


I sat down and knitted away while admiring all the beautiful finished projects that were proudly worn on the back of knitters. A little bit of chatting here, a little bit of ooh-ing and aah-ing over some yarn with a fellow knitter, my my how I love hanging out a yarn shop.


Since I was right on schedule and even a bit ahead of my working schedule, I decided to stay somewhat longer. See, I had such a good time...

And then I had a rude awakening... a group of ladies came in and I asked them if they come together every Wednesday at Knitty City. One of them replied: "Wednesday's? You must be off a day... it is Thursday today."

She said it so nonchalantly but her remark made me freeze for a split second... Uh oh. I am a day off! 

I took a deep breath, kept my cool, and took another sip of my delicious hazelnut latte. 

Oi vey. I am not ahead of schedule... I am behind schedule!!! It's going to be a long night of knitting...

So, dear reader, you might well understand that this is going to be a short blog post. I am a day too late and a pair of hands too short!

Thank you for reading and until the next entry...


I am a day late too

Oh, I went there this afternoon. But I didn't have a lot of time to look around this time.

"Oh, no"!  You were finally

"Oh, no"!  You were finally taking some time out for yourself.  Don't worry, just have fun with it.  You'll be okay :)Patricia R.

Hi Patricia! Yup, I will just

Hi Patricia! Yup, I will just have fun with it :) A cup of coffe at 11pm in the evening will get me going for another hour or two, hahaha!

I could feel the panic along

I could feel the panic along with you. So sorry that happened to you, but take a deep breath and relish the relaxed and enjoyable time you had, realizing it was just what you needed for a boost in energy (the caffeine maybe?) to jump ahead in your required knitting. Go, girl! :-)

Judi, taking deep breaths

Judi, taking deep breaths helps a lot! I am knitting away :)

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