A day in the Bubblehood


In a world where everything goes so incredible fast, I like to take my moments of slow pace. What better way to start my day off with an early morning walk? As the sun is climbing I slowly get ready for a peaceful stroll in my neighborhood which I lovingly nicknamed "the Bubblehood". At the slow pace of walking I am able to enjoy certain visuals, and I find little treasures which on a fast pace, would have been hidden from me. adb2 adb1 adb3 One man's trash is another man's treasure, in this case a vintage crochet magazine called "Pineapple Fan Fair", oh goodies! adb4 I love it when people place a "free box" on the sidewalk! I soak up the early morning energy and glowing like a little kid who just found a treasure, I make my way to the Teahouse to do some patternwriting for a little bit. I always enjoy the serenity at the Teahouse but what I also very much enjoy are all kinds of different art that is displayed against the walls. Meet the Urban Princess by photographer Keith Buckley... I think she's beautiful and so very colorful. Under her watchfull eyes, I start working and hope she approves this knitter's creations. adb6 My Bubblehood Homies No planning, no fast pace, no deadlines, no workschedules, just waiting for the day to unfold itself before me is so special. Before I know it, I find myself visiting my friend Chayo and we have inspirational conversations about arts and craft, the medium clay, knitting, notions and blogging. When Chayo busts out her latest creations I find myself drooling over her work. I am especially taken by her cute cute buttons... adb7 adb9 adb10 adb8 Bursting of inspirational energy that Chayo and me created around us, I float my way to the next friend, Meli, who invited me to come on over and be crafty. Now that is an invitation I simply cannot pass and soon enough in find myself on a magical Persian carpet, enjoy classical north African music while the purr purring of Meli's spinning wheel sets me in a buzzy trance... While I work on patternwriting, I see how the sun casts a shadow of my friend's spinning wheel on the magical Persian carpet. I pause from patternwriting and stare at this beautiful visual. As Meli stops her wheel to check if the plying of her yarn is going well, I feel the sun on my cheek and feel so very thankful. adb12 "Aren't we fortunate, Nancy?", she asks me and I wonder if she picked up on my thankfull mood. I nod and she continues: "It's a soft and squishy world we live in. A bubble... we live in our bubble over here." I smile and reply: " The Bubblehood, Meli... we live in the Bubblehood." As for knitting I am making some good progress on patternwriting the choli. I am enjoying it still, all thanks to the yarn (Sirino by Great Adirondack) I am working with. I write everything I do meticulously in my little black book, come take a little peek! adb16 adb17 Other than the choli, I am finally writing out my Seattle glove in the round. Several knitters have told me that they so would love to knit up Seattle, but they simply hate the seaming part. I on my part, dislike working with double pointed needles, but my geeky love for patternwriting and figuring out how things work, made me do this: adb13 adb14 adb15 What can I say..? I am a slave to knitting. Thank you for reading and untill the next entry...


Hi Nancy...lovely blogging

Hi Nancy...lovely blogging about our bubblehood...Thanks for placing photos of my creations here: ) I am traveling to the bay area to be with my parents...both needing care and my dad may be on his way to the next existence...It is a short plane ride but a long journey. I will be checking in on you and the bubble here: ) Love to you' Chayo

You are so beautiful. You

You are so beautiful. You make me want to open my eyes. thank you my sweet darling nancy fancy pansy!

I'm glad you found

I'm glad you found "soulmates" to craft with !
Wished I had someone to craft with, that's why I am also very glad to have found you and all the other friends in blogland :-)
Nee, het is wel eens jammer dat ik niet iemand heb om dat mee te delen in het dagelijks leven. Samen wol shoppen of ideeën uitwisselen. Lijkt me heerlijk om te hebben. Er is wel een breigroep waar ik naar toe zou kunnen eens in de maand, maar dat is altijd 's avonds en meer dan 1 uur rijden over een slecht verlichte weg. En ik ben helaas heel slecht in autorijden in het donker :-( Als ik heelhuids thuis wil aankomen dus niet echt aan te raden !
Maar zoals je ziet vermaak ik me toch wel best !

Ah, but to answer your two

Ah, but to answer your two questions:

Doesn't matter when I am home or out and about working with other crafters. I enjoy doing both.

Sometimes I prefer to be by myself more than being with others. And vice versa.


Vanessa, Your question


Your question made me realize that for a very long time I have been crafting in solitude. Only recently I have found this wonderful crafty community to interact with face to face.

I always enjoyed crafting in solitude, and still do it often.

In my loneliest crafting moments, I have found solitary companionship in the internet craft community. Many a times I have frequented all kinds of crafty blogs and felt this wonderful "togetherness" while still being able to be "alone".

I appreciate your comments on my blog. It makes me feel not alone in my crafty world.

Thanks for letting yourself known to me :)


it seems so wonderful that

it seems so wonderful that you have this public place to gather with your crafts. I frequently craft in solitude and am beginning to find it getting more difficult. do you find you get more done when you pull yourself away from home? or is it the gathering of other artists in this place that keeps you motivated?

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