The one candy that I miss the most from the Netherlands is Dutch licorice.

Just a couple of  weeks ago, I craved Dutch licorice so bad that I mentioned it on Face Book and my cousin generously offered to send my some.

And today, a packaged filled with candy and licorice arrived from the Netherlands:

Box full of licorice candy!

Dear reader, I was so happy, I felt like a kid again.

Munching on all that sugary goodness brought me right back to the time when me and my cousin were kids. Two girls going to the library on Wednesday's, spending all our allowance on candy and sharing it with our friends. 

Those were good good times. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about when I was a kid. I don't know why...

Colorful yarn cravings

Malabrigo with a twist

Nowadays, all I can think about is variegated yarn. I crave it so bad, it drives me crazy.

I go to bed, I think about variegated yarn. I wake up, I think about variegated yarn. 

Which is quite strange for me because in general, I tend to stay away from too much color! But now I find that it makes me happy for no particular reason. 


I cast on with all kinds of variegated yarns, I enjoy all the bright colors and I giggle. Yes, you read that right... I giggle over my variegated yarn like a little kid. I even stomp my feet in delight.

Surely, I am not the only grown up that has these "feeling like a kid again" moments?

How about you, what will make you feel like a happy giggly kid again? 

leftover yarn

Thank you for reading and until the next entry...



Dutch drop, that makes me

Dutch drop, that makes me giggle. I get mine at the dutch store. Vanderveens in Grand Rapids Michigan, they will mail it out to you almost next day. It's wonderfull, oh and the cookies, gevulde speculass, yummy.Lien

Gevulde Speculaas...

Hi Lien, now you got me craving for gevulde speculaas... I must check out your store Vanderveens. Do you have Dutch origins?

I almost burnt through my drop stash already!!!

YOU make me giggle!

YOU make me giggle!


Now that made me smile :)

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