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When I arrived in NYC last September, I heard rumours of a new yarn shop in Brooklyn called La Casita. I had heard nothing but good about this shop and people raved about it's friendliness and happy energy.

Of course I had to find out myself and made the trek to La Casita's in mid November. 


All the good things I'd heard about this shop proved to be true and then some. When I first entered this shop I was greeted with such warmth and genuine friendliness, I felt I got wrapped up in a hand knitted cashmere blanket. 

Enthusiastic spirit

After my first visit, I have returned weekly and almost every Sunday you can find me at La Casita's knitting away at their cafe.


There is a happy, friendly and warm energy omnipresent in this incredibly sweet little yarn shop.

La Casita is owned by two sassy young ladies called Jennifer and Amanda. Their enthusiastic spirit is simply contagious!

Hannah, a very talented artist and designer who works at La Casita, has an equally enthusiastic spirit and her curiosity for my patterns made me feel comfortable enough to show off my designs. The reaction was more than I could have hoped for!


I am very happy to announce that La Casita has decided to offer several of my patterns for sale at their shop. 

They have made me so happy... I want to hug and squeeze them!

My patterns for sale at La Casita's

Here are my patterns that are now available in this sweet sweet yarn shop:

gpwi_KassandrasCowl_print-1 gpwi_PoppyFlower_M-1 gpwi_PapaJonCowl_M-1

Also available is the Sally Hat pattern:

Sally Hat2

And very soon to be available at La Casita's are the Sally Fingerless Gloves:


Yarn shop La Casita in Brooklyn is at this moment the only yarn shop in NYC that offers my patterns. Hurray!

And just so you know, these patterns are also available on Ravelry

I am very thankful

Words cannot express how thankful I am with this collaboration.


Thank you Jennifer, Amanda, Hannah and Tracy for welcoming me with such warmth and for giving me the opportunity to display and offer my work!

Let me leave you tonight with some pictures I took at La Casita's. I wish you could feel the friendliness and warmth through your computer screen... hopefully my words and pictures are able to give you a glimpse!

yarnshop_la_casita_brooklyn1  yarnshop_la_casita_brooklyn9  yarnshop_la_casita_brooklyn16

yarnshop_la_casita_brooklyn8 yarnshop_la_casita_brooklyn10 yarnshop_la_casita_brooklyn2

yarnshop_la_casita_brooklyn6 yarnshop_la_casita_brooklyn7

Should you ever travel to NYC, please pay this yarn shop a visit. It is very easy to reach from Manhattan and you will experience the much more tranquil Brooklyn energy. It is really worth your while going to La Casita's! I can personally attest to that.

Thank you for reading and until the next entry!


I love it there too!  Even

I love it there too!  Even though I've moved out of Brooklyn, I drive in now and then just because the shop is so great and I love the ladies there.  This shop is worth the trip :o)

Same here, I don"t live in

Same here, I don"t live in Brooklyn but I I love going to La Casita's. WORTH THE TRIP ALL THE WAY!!!

La Casita

I could not agree with you more.  I LOVE La Casita as well.   Can't wait to get started on the Sally Gloves. Julia 

Hi Julia! See you at La

Hi Julia! See you at La Casita's :)

Nancy, we couldn't be happier

Nancy, we couldn't be happier that you feel so at home in our shop!  We love seeing you knitting (and drinking!) away at the counter, creating your fabulous designs.  We just want to hug you and squeeze you as well!We can't wait for your trunk show in January...Amanda and Jen

Hugs and squeezes at you

Hugs and squeezes at you girls!

Pattern for knitted bowls

Hi Nancy-I love the knitted bowls! Do you have a pattern for them? Also, I made my Seattle gloves in worsted (Mal Rios) and will post photos on Ravelry soon. Awesome pattern!Becky

If I can get my head together

If I can get my head together and if I can find my notes, yes, I will have that bowl pattern. Glad you made the Seattle gloves :)

Nancy you are so sweet and

Nancy you are so sweet and talented! We love you!!!((hugs))Trace

Hi Trace!!!  I am so glad I

Hi Trace!!!  I am so glad I met you :))  Hugs back at ya!

The feeling is definitely

The feeling is definitely mutual :-) 

Love the elephant

Is that pattern available somwhere? Love this place and I will be sure and visit when I'm in Brooklyn.

That little elephant is a

That little elephant is a pattern by Ysolda Teague called Elijah. Click here for the pattern!

The disappointment of the

The disappointment of the last craft show is null and void with the two exciting events that followed. Congratulations on both!!  Looks like the New Year is going to be a busy and exciting one for you. :-)I had to come back and add this: I was thinking about you walking home from the shop and could just see you floating along above the sidewalk - on cloud nine! :-)

It is great when your work is

It is great when your work is acknowledged and embraced with enthusiasm!

It's really encouraging! Your

It's really encouraging! Your hard work will be paid. J

Yes it sure is encouraging, J

Yes it sure is encouraging, J :) This is a good boost in my confidence!

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