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A few weeks ago I was contacted by fashion designer Modi Soondarotok asking me whether I would be interested in doing a collaboration.

Modi owns a fashion boutique in Portland called IDOM and in the past I have purchased one of her wonderful pieces. 

Doing a collaboration with a fashion designer and having my work displayed in a fashion boutique??? Uhmmm... YES OF COURSE!

Since I am familiar with IDOM's aesthetics, I knew exactly what colors would work with their collection.

I created an infinity scarf which can be worn different ways:




And I also created these fingerless glove for IDOM:


I am very thankful for this collaboration and to have my work in a fashion boutique is the ultimate for me!

I wish for many more collaborations with IDOM in the future, it is truly an honor. IDOM did a write up on my work on their blog today... Thanks so much!!!

Taking my knitting down this fashion avenue inspires me and nudges me to go for a certain aesthetic. More and more my focus has been on knit wear on the runways and on a daily basis I look at what the fashion power houses are up to. 

You will notice soon enough that I will be writing about it!

On another note...

It's my husband's 40th birthday today and all he wanted was a traditional cannoli cake from Ferrara's...


My sweetheart is the best husband... Always so encouraging of me and my knitting! He gives me all the space I need to focus on yarn, knitting, designing and pattern writing. 

Happy 40th, my love!

Thanks you for reading and until the next entry.


I only have time for a quick

I only have time for a quick note, but I wanted to share this with you.  Early this week I was at a LYS for a quick in and out to pick up some yarn, and sitting on the check-out counter was a "Page-a-Day Calendar" all about knitting and the weekend page had not yet been torn off.  The quote of the day made me think of you so I asked for the page so I could send the quote to you:   "Those of you who feel knitting has changed your life, welcome to the club.  I can think of no better occupation to reveal your own creativity."  Kaffe Fassett          More later  :-)

Thanks for thinking of me and

Thanks for thinking of me and sharing Kaffe Fassett's quote, Judi! It's really true, knitting has changed my life tremendously, and revealed a creativity I never knew I had in me.


Nancy,  I just read the write up.  I am so excited for you.  Love the pieces. Sharon 

I am excited too, Sharon :)

I am excited too, Sharon :) Thanks so much!

J, I loved doing this

J, I loved doing this collaboration so much! Modi Soondarotok is a very talented designer but most of all, she is so incredibly nice! I like collaborating with people that are nice :)

congratulations again

Marvellous! Looking forward to hearing more exciting news from you. J

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