Clickety Clack

Clickety Clack1

I love shoes...very very much... almost as much as I love yarn. When I bumped into these heeled beauties, I gasped and my mouth dropped. 

I took them home with me, pranced around in them, twirled around in them and they went clickety-clack on our shiny wooden floor. And then it happened...suddenly I had this jolt of inspiration. If I were to  design an early Spring line, evolving around these very shoes, what would I design? And what yarn would I use? And what color scheme would I use?

Dear reader, I literally ran to my yarn stash, pulled out my whole collection and started to arrange a mood board with yarns and props on my craft table:

Clickety Clack9

Soft and gentle colors from off white to dusty pink and with a hint of golden rays. 

I pulled out a vintage crochet table cloth and marveled over the craftsmanship of the one who handmade it.

Visions of Spring announcing its arrival, a soft breeze, magnolias blooming, a sweet scent, ruffled hair held together with a flower pin and oh, it just went on and on. My imagination was blooming and I could see pictures in my mind's eye of New York City in the late 20's, and a young woman walking down the streets, her shoes going clickety-clack.

Are you feeling me, dear reader? Can you picture it?

Of course the young woman is wearing beautiful knitwear, a cardi, a fair isle vest, a sweet little hat adorned with flowers or silk ribbons, fingerless gloves and so much more...

In one scene she is wearing beige slacks, a silk blouse and a cardi over her shoulders while she is writing something in her notebook sitting on a bench in Central Park. In another scene she is heading out to Governor's Island to have a picknick with her lady friends and she is wearing a skirt, and a darling short sleeved sweater...

Oooh, and to get our imagination even more going, let us look at the props in my mood board!

Clickety Clack5

Clickety Clack4

Clickety Clack7

Clickety Clack3

My dear reader, why don't you participate with me in this creative process? If I were to ask you, what knitted items would our young woman be wearing if it were up to you? 

Let your imagination speak and tell me about it, I would love to hear from you...

And don't forget, keep those shoes in mind... our heroine will be wearing those in each scene.

Clickety Clack2

I am curious what you come up with, and who knows, in coming Spring, you will be knitting that very item!

Thanks for reading and until the next entry.




I am thinking of lightweight

I am thinking of lightweight lacy fingerless gloves. Hmmm!

This all evokes the Jazz Age...

Wow. Those shoes! The mood board and those shoes are indeed gorgeous. The comment above about a cloche with a starched flower... it smacked me in the face. Please let me point you to an event here in NYC on Governor's Island, twice a summer. Everyone wears period clothing from 20s to 40s. The pictures are amazing and may inspire even more! Do a google image search on "Jazz Age Lawn Party," I don't think you'll be disappointed.   

Jazz Age

Hi there!

I found out about that party last Summer through photographer and blogger Scott Shuman who dedicated two posts about the Jazz Age Party on Governor's Island: 

Jazz Age Dance Party, p1, Governor's Island

Jazz Age Dance Party, p2, Governor's Island

I had forgotten about it until you brought it back to my attention! Thanks so much, this is indeed the feeling I wanted to evoke... Oooh! My head is buzzing... knitting and Jazz Age... SO COOL!!!

What is your name..?

Re: Jazz Age

Sorry.... its Kristina (JustSheano) from Rav. We met at the TNNA Stitch Zone at Maker Faire. That was a super fun day. Your site is really nice!


Hi Kristina!

So glad to see you here :)  How's the knitting going? I went to this cute cute yarn shop in Brooklyn and thought of you. Have you been to La Casita's? Such a sweet place...

I do hope our paths will cross again in NYC so that we can knit and chat a bit!

Guess where you will find me all dressed in 20 style knitwear next Summer??? Governor's Island. That's a promise.

Love the shoes!!Ik vind het

Love the shoes!!Ik vind het altijd zo mooi de vorm van de hoedjes, bandjes en andere assecoires die ze op hun hoofd droegen in die tijd.Misschien iets met dat als inspiratie?

Lace Stole

A beautiful lace stole to protect from summer night cool breezes :-)

A beautiful lace knit stole

A beautiful lace knit stole to protect from the early summer breeze.

a beaded clutch!

with silk lining and short beaded tassels...   and, ooh, a cloche with a big knitted flower pinning up the brim, starched so it stays crisp and open even when its knitted open enough to see the stitches...  LOVE the shoes!


Of course! A beaded clutch! Ooooh and I love the cloche with STARCHED knitted flower. Classy..!

How about a lacy cardigan

How about a lacy cardigan with pearl buttons? Or a beret in a soft color?


Perfect! Lace and pearls...oooooh!!!!And I was thinking of a beret like that too!!!

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