Civic Centre Sunday Farmers Market

 Civic Centre Farmers Market

Every Sunday and Wednesday there is a farmers market at Civic Centre in downtown San Francisco. I was so happy when I found out and would go every week to get my farmers market fruit and vegetables.

The Sunday farmers market is my favorite because of one particular vendor: Mike.

Among all the other fresh produce stands, Mike stood out to me because of his kindness and friendliness. One day, I saw a homeless guy walking up to Mike's stand asking for some fresh produce. He did not have any money, but was willing to trade a cup of instant noodles.

Mike took the instant noodles and gave the homeless guy a bag full of greens. 

"That was so nice of you", I said to Mike which upon he replied in a soft spoken voice: "I just want him to have something healthy to eat, you know."

And from that moment on, I ignored all the other vendors and would only buy fresh produce from Mike. 

My last visit to Mike's stand

Poppies at Mike's fresh produce stand

Every Sunday all Summer long, I have been looking forward to get my delicious organic garlic, onions, potatoes, string beans, eggplants and especially tomatoes from Mike. I would buy lots and lots of tomatoes to make fresh tomato sauce every week and Mike would even give me bags full of overripe tomatoes for free. And overripe tomatoes are THE BEST for sauce!

Today was my last visit to Mike's fresh produce stand and I brought him some Poppies of Endearment.

Mike holding Poppies of Endearment

Dear Mike, 

Thank you for your kindness and wonderful fresh produce every Sunday.

After my visit to the Civic Centre Farmers Market, I jumped on the subway to find my way to the Castro District and Noe Valley. Of course I had a bag full of poppies with me.

The Castro

I would be in this neighborhood every single week because of the yarn shop Imagiknits, located at the corner of Sanchez and 18th.

I was all geared up to fulfill my task and leave poppies here and there but somehow I could not get into the poppy groove... I was fighting with my camera, couldn't get the aperture and shutter speed settings quite right and had a hard time finding spots to my liking.

And at some point I was forcing things just a bit too much, so I decided to let it go. 

I returned home with my bag still filled with poppies. So today, Mike gets the big spotlight. And rightfully so.

Thanks for reading and until the next entry!



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