Christmas Joy


My husband has set up the Christmas tree and since it is placed right next to my craft table, I get to enjoy all the beautiful ornaments!

I've been knitting like crazy and look forward to some weekend knitting for myself. I cannot wait...

So far I have produced:

~ 20 pairs of fingerless gloves

~ 2 huge infinity scarves

~ 10 bracelets

~ 4 headbands

Coming week I need to produce at least 10 cowls on needles US35 with huge hand spun yarn by artist Faune Yerby. They will look big and bulky like this:


My word, is that HUGE or what? 

And besides ten of these huge puppies, I need to produce some more merchandise to be shipped to Portland, Oregon. I will be so glad when this all is over! But for now, I just have got to push through.

I miss writing more substantial blog posts and really wish for January to arrive quickly! Usually, in the months after Christmas, I tend to tumble into a dip, but this time that is not going to happen. That is a promise I made to myself. This time, I want to produce many inspirational blog posts and dedicate my time to lots of designing.

Have a wonderful first December weekend

Today I am leaving you with some pictures of Christmas ornaments. I always enjoy this time of year, especially because of my husband's enthusiasm! He did a great job making the apartment sparkle with Christmas Joy...





The sweet little bee holding a flower is my favoritestestest ornament of all!

I wish you a wonderful weekend, make it a beautiful one... We will see each other again on Monday!

Until then and thanks so much for visiting.



Merry Xmas

You're really a hardworking bee. Have fun! It's always inspirational to read your blog.

So good to hear that you

So good to hear that you think my blog is inspirational! Thank you...

I love that bee ornament!

I love that bee ornament! Don't work too hard--save some time for yourself and your hubby.

That bee ornament is me :) I

That bee ornament is me :) I identify myself with it, haha!

My goodness your fingers and

My goodness your fingers and needles have been flying! Yes, I agree with you, that cowl is HUGE! Anything around my neck is just not for me, but I'm sure there will be those that will love those cowls, especially in the cold, snowy, blowy winter of NYC.  How long does one of those take to make? Seems it can't be long, considering the size of the needles. I love your ornaments! Christmas is my favorite holiday and having all the ornaments and other decorations that prompt memories of long ago is just the best. :-) I am one of those that changes almost everything in the house to Christmas, including wall pictures, bathroom items, etc.  All has been done for almost 2 weeks now because we are having a large Christmas Dessert Open House the evening of the 7th, so I have been as busy baking as you have been knitting.  This weekend will finish up loose ends, like frosting cookies and making some mini-cupcakes, and then getting out dishes, etc. Computer time for me will be scarce to none till mid-week next week, but I will be thinking of you and looking forward to reading all about your adventures. :-)   

Have fun with your Christmas

Have fun with your Christmas Dessert Open House, Judi!

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