Chelsea Indie Craft Event


This morning I was up extra early to do some last finishing touches on my work before heading off to Chelsea in downtown Manhattan. I was excited albeit nervous and my being was buzzing like crazy. It was kind of that same excitement right before you embark on a plane trip to a far away place.

There was a bit of drama before I left the house because I didn't know what to wear but then my husband suggested I'd wear my Sunday photo shoot outfit. Where would I be without my guy?

And off I went, with a black trolly and a big bag filled with fuzzy goodness.


My footsteps sounded steadfast, my pace quick and determined. One could never detect that I was a bit nervous.

Chelsea adventure

You never know what you will encounter when you emerge from the Subway station. It is always a surprise, especially if you have never been at a particular station before. When I emerged from the 23rd and 7th Ave station, I was greeted by the famous Chelsea hotel:


The Chelsea Hotel is a place were famous artists, musicians and writers have laid their heads to rest. A beautiful gothic building and I can only imagine what crazy stories it holds.

I was the first one at the craft venue and waited patiently for the other vendors to arrive. I stared at the door for quite some time, wondering what adventure would unfold behind it!


Ooooh, was I excited!!!

Indie crafty people and kids running around everywhere

Behind door number 6 unfolded a colorful indie crafty adventure with little kids running around everywhere, sangria and apple cider was flowing abundantly and indie crafters showed off their work.





I had so much fun!

My fuzzy and colorful display

My fuzzy and colorful display made me happy and I was smiling and chatting with all the good people that came by my table. What I like best is that they couldn't stop petting my goods. The oohs and aahs were a welcome acknowledgement of my work and I thoroughly appreciated that. 



More than anything, I enjoyed the inspiring conversations and I wish I had more time to visit every table. But of course I had to attend to my goods!

I am happy and satisfied with what I was able to sell and hope to do this again next year. 

If you have questions about price points I will be happy to answer you privately. Just approach me through the contact form and I will reply. 

One piece of advice for you


If you entertain the idea to do a craft event yourself, I would say, go for it. Keep in mind that:

- production knitting is hard work and sometimes not fun at all

- you worked hard and long hours to create a piece so price your work well

- set your price and don't go lower when it doesn't sell at first

- be proud of what you've produced

- make a fun and capturing display

- if somebody else sells way more than you, don't feel bad. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

- if people are not taken by your work, do not take it personally

I value my work


One more thing I want to share with you tonight. I value my work  and will do my best to present a beautiful hand knitted piece. 

Some pieces are priced in a lower range, some pieces are priced in a higher range.

Usually, the pieces in a higher price range are a bit harder to sell and people are hesitant to part with their money. But when these very same people come by my table for the third and fourth time to admire that higher priced item, I know I have something valuable.

It's up to you what to do, will you go lower with your price or will you keep it the same?

One lady kept on coming back for one of my higher priced items and when she came for the 5th time, somebody else beat her to the punch.

My friends, please please please value your work! And if an item didn't sell, then I am sure one of your beloved ones would be very happy to be a recipient of your knitted piece.

Anyhow, that's how I view it.

Thank you so much for your encouragement!!!

All the good vibes and all the nice comments are so very much appreciated by me. It kept me going for the past few day and nights!

Look at my craft table... what a disaster! Time for me to clean it up and to start fresh for my next event in December.


Thank you for reading and until the next entry.






I was looking at your photos

I was looking at your photos of your table again and wondered what was your best seller? what got the most ooohs and ahhhs? the most squeels of delight? the most questions asked about it?  I always find these responses interesting. Are you knitting more of the same for your next show? new items? Such fun!! :-)

Best seller: short fingerless

Best seller: short fingerless gloves in basket.

Most oohs and ahhhs: Long fingerless gloves.

Most questions asked about: Poppy flowers.

Knitting more of the same for next craft show!

So curious

Nancy, I am so curious - what was your price range for all the beautiful things you had for sale today?  (Is that a rude question?) :)jenna

Price points

Jenna, I will reply to your question privately :)

knitting for money

thank you so much for sharing your words of wisdom, i have recently increased my prices and consequently things are not moving very quickly. it is so hard to find that place where things are selling just is really really hard work to knit for experiencing "knitters thumb" right now! im thinking of you and inspired by your feelings of wonder and thanks...keep it coming!

Selling your knitwear


Knitting for money and how to price your product is a fine balance. Yes, if your prices are low, things will move quick. 

And if things move quickly, that's great but then you have to knit more too! 

I want to find that balance where things don't move as quickly but as long as they move I am fine. You also have to set a rule for yourself and ask yourself "How much do I want to knit? And when is too much knitting just not worth it anymore?"

I am sure people are happy to buy your knitting! Knitwear is so precious :)  Just make sure you reward yourelf well and keep it fun for yourself too! That way everybody will be happy and satisfied! Thanks so much for reading my blog :)

Thanks for passing on your

Thanks for passing on your wisdom. I completely agree--I work extremely hard to make sure my knitted pieces are of the best quality possible. I SHOULD acknowledge that hard work by asking, and sticking to, a fair price. Your table was lovely. How I wish I could have been there!

value and fair price

Susan, yes we all should acknowledge our beautiful work. Our worth is in our work, it shines, it's beautiful and should be valued accordingly.

Our work is US. We ARE WORTH IT. Set a good price, it's a statement of you and me and what we are worth.



I have felt a bit like a

I have felt a bit like a stalker checking for news of your event today. :-) Love your display table - the knit baskets are oh, so neat, your beautiful, colorful beauties added sparkle, and that gorgeous lace tablecloth - vintage? It looks like it was a good show, with lots of different talents displayed by vendors - one I definitely would have enjoyed attending.  I'm glad you are "happy and satisfied" with your adventure, and your comments under "one piece of advice" and "value of work" are "priceless."  Hope all read and heed.  I'm sure you are now experiencing a good type of tired, but do take time during the next few days to enjoy some rest and relaxation before getting buried in the preparations for the next show.  Thumbs up to you for venturing out into new territory - and to your husband for his contribution of suggesting your attire! :-)

Vintage table cloth

Judi, yes vintage table cloth found at a garage sale. What craftmanship in that piece!!!

I hope to inspire and motivate other crafters and knitters to value their own work... and take on new adventures :)


You should be proud of yourself!

YAY thank you!

I kind of am proud of myself, yes :)  Onward to the next adventure!

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