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Infinity scarves have been all the rage here in NYC. The construction is ridiculously simple, you just make a scarf and seam the ends together!

This winter, I have been making all kinds of infinity scarves and the simpler the pattern, the better the look.

When I posted a picture of my brother's girlfriend wearing an infinity scarf, a knitter named 'Rikkelondon' asked me if I could share the pattern.

Sure I can. Have your two balls of Rowan Big Wool ready, Rikkelondon!

This infinity scarf is named after my brother's girlfriend: Charly. 


This is a simple stockinet stitch scarf with 1x1 ribbing at the sides. 

Needles: Straight US #17

Yarn: 2 balls of Rowan Big Wool

Cast on 22 stitches

Row 1: (k1, p1) 3 times, knit 10, (k1, p1) 3 times

Row 2: (k1, p1) 3 times, purl 10, (k1, p1) 3 times

Repeat row 1 and 2 until you run out of yarn. Your scarf should be about 60 inches long. Seam ends together.

How easy is this???

My to go to winter scarf

I have made this scarf many times and I have worn this type of scarf all winter long. Such a mindless, relaxing and easy project. 

Big needles, big yarn...yay, instant gratifcation!

You can wear it hoodie style:

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You can wrap it twice around to have a more snug big scarf:

Needles on Fire9

Or wrap it just once around to have a more open and relaxed look, like Charly is wearing it:


My philisophy in knitting is: Keep it simple and stylish.

Have fun knitting your Charly Infinity Scarf!

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I love the hat charly is wearing! Is the a pattern for that?

Vanessa Headband

The hat that Charly is wearing is actually not a hat. It is the Vanessa Headband and is offered for free on this website. Follow this link:

Vanessa Headband

Pattern questions

Hi, this scarf is exactly the look I've wanted, so I have been following your pattern, and it's simple enough for a beginner like me. Thank you!  I'm about 10 rows in, and the scarf looks nothing like the images you've posted. The edges where I'm alternating between knitting and purling, are creating these columns, where as the middle where I'm doing 10 knit stitches/10 purl stitches, is smooth and flat. I don't know what I'm doing wrong and why it doesn't look consistent like yours. Help please! 

It's supposed to be like

It's supposed to be like that. You are doing everything right. The sides consist of a rib pattern and the middle part is done in stockinet stitch.

The End?

Hi first off I love this pattern so thank you! Second, I am relatively new to knitting and am unsure how this scarf ends as an infinity? I am about twenty rows deep and it seems it is just going to be a long scarf, how does it come back together to become an infinity scarf. I'm following your pattern to a "T" I think I just need help understanding. Thank you!!

You simply put the ends of

You simply put the ends of the scarf together and sew them together. This way it becomes a continuous loop scarf.

Edges curling despite following pattern

Hi Nancy, I'm almost done with this scarf and followed the pattern exactly to avoid curling.  It's still curling so bad it's a tube. Anything I can do? It's nearly finished. Thanks. Beth 

Oh dear... you can try to

Oh dear... you can try to block it a bit. Spritz some water on it and lay it flat to dry.

Other than that, just try it on and wrap the piece around your neck. You will see that it will be beautiful once you wrap it around your neck.

At the end of the day, I have found that just a little bit of curling is really not that bad.

Good luck and don't let the curl get to you.


Beautiful scarf,I want to make it but do you mean row 1 knit 1 purl 1 for 3 rows or three times as it says row 1 so I would assume knit 1 and purl 1 just 3 times not three rows.thank you 

Yes, you interpretation is

Yes, your interpretation of my instructions is correct. 

Row 1: (k1, p1) 3 times, knit 10, (k1, p1) 3 times    

This means: k1, p1, k1, p1, k1, p1  and then knit 10, and then k1, p1, k1, p1, k1, p1

Row 2: (k1, p1) 3 times, purl 10, (k1, p1) 3 times

This means: k1, p1, k1, p1, k1, p1, and then purl 10, and then k1, p1, k1, p1, k1, p1

And you are going to repeat row 1 and row 2 again and again.

This is what we call a stockinet based scarf. Stockinet has a tendency to roll at the edges. I wanted to prevent the edges from rolling, so I incorporated 1x1 rib at the sides.




Moebius or straight?

I assume you made a regular loop and not a twist to make it moebius?  My granddau. requested this for Xmas. I want to do what a young person would prefer and see a lot of cowl patterns are moebius.

Your assumption is correct:

Your assumption is correct: this is a regular loop. No twist is made to make it into a moebius.

Clean edges

This may have been posted with different verbiage, but I found the best way to finish the edges is to slip the first knit stitch of each row ( s1 p1,k1p1....). It makes the edges nice and clean.

Charly's headband

Hi Nancy, I really love the look of Charly's headband. Is it one of your patterns too and what is it called? Or do you know where I can find it? Thanks, J

Vanessa Headband

It is called the Vanessa Headband. Find it here:


This is exactly the  type of scraf i was looking for?   Does it need to be blocked?  Thanks, D

No blocking needed, really.

No blocking needed, really. Just cast off, sew the ends together and you're done.


hello and thank you for the pattern.  I have a question before I start : when I look at the picture, I don't seem to see any ribbings at the sides? Everything seems to be in stockinet?Thank you for your help!Josée

Thank you so much, the result

Thank you so much, the result is beautiful! Any instructions I can find somewhere to make nice finishing seams?  Thank you again!  Josée

Try this link: Seaming  and

Try this link: Seaming  and if that doesn't help why don't you try and do a google search "knitting and seaming" or "how to sew/seam in knitting".

This is exactly the beauty of

This is exactly the beauty of this pattern: there is indeed a 1x1 ribbing at the sides, only you don't see it. It appears to be straight stockinette. As you may well know, stockinette stitch will curl at the sides. But since the sides in this pattern are done in ribbing, it won't curl.


I am slightly new to knitting and with this pattern i am finding my edges to be very sloppy. I am not sure if this is due to the way I am beginning my row after a purl, I have been just beginning each way as I would if I was just doing a garter stitch. I am curious if I could just do a drop stitch, or would this effect the pattern (notably the beginning: being k1, p1 for 3 rows?) Or would the drop stitch help my edges look more uniform and not affect the pattern?I Appreciate the pattern. The simplicity is attractive. Looking forward to the final product!Thank You!

Not sure what to advise you

Not sure what to advise you  as I can't see your piece. My edges were just fine when I made this scarf. The k1, p1 prevents the edges from curling.

Maybe you could tighten up the very first two stitches a bit.

As for the drop stitch, I would personally not apply that but hey,  just see if it works out for you. If not, then just keep to the pattern as written. 


Hi Nancy,I will try to send a photo of this scarf that my homestay student, Min Jee, knit. It is so darling! With Malabrigo Rasta, in Baya Electrica!BTW, did you get to 60 inches with just two Rowan Big Wool on #17s? She's going to need more than 2 skeins of Rasta to get to 60"....but maybe she knits loosely....Miss you in the store. Love reading about your creative paths.Ann

Hi Ann, Yes I got 60 inches

Hi Ann,

Yes I got 60 inches with just two Rowan Big Wool on #17s.

Maybe if Min Jee casts on 20 instead of 22, it will yield her those 60 inches. Malabrigo Rasta's gauge is a tad bigger than Rowan Big Wool I have come to experience.

Hope Min Jee's Charly Infinity Scarf will come out to her satisfaction!




thank you so much, I made this as a birthday present and the recipient loved it! :)

No wonder I haven't seen your

No wonder I haven't seen your update for a while. I can tell you must be very busy. J.


Excellent as always Nancy!!!xoxoxoTrace


Thank you so much Nancy - This is so fab!

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