A challenging project



My wooden basket became too small for the amount of poppies I have knitted so far and I had to transfer my colorful pretties to a glass bowl. I have knitted 80 poppies so far, only 20 more to go. My glass bowl can hardly contain this abundance of goodness and is about to overflow. I simply love it! Knitting the poppies for my Poppies of Endearment project has been easy. The challenging part is yet to come.

A challenging project on several levels

After I have knitted a 100 poppies, I will cluster 3 poppies together, attach an affirmation/saying/poem, place them somewhere in San Francisco, take a picture and leave them behind. Sounds easy...but to me  it is challenging on several levels!

  1. Write an affirmation, saying, or a poem in your own words. Oh boy that means I am not allowed to quote somebody. I have to find and use my own words...
  2. Place them somewhere in San Francisco. Yikes, this city is big...and I just dipped my toe in it. Oh well, it will force me to go out there, and find good spots, preferably photogenic ones,  to leave the poppies behind.
  3. Take a picture. A good opportunity to get more and more comfortable with my DSLR camera and my latest Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 lens.
  4. Leave the poppies behind for a stranger to find. Detaching from an item you spend much time on... to be gifted to a total stranger.

And lastly, document everything on the blog. Hands down the most interesting knitting adventure I have ever embarked on!


Hey Nancy, you keep on going on about your poppies, but how about your website?

Ha! I wondered when you would ask!

Me and web developer Andy Bottman have been going back and forth over the past few weeks and I just received message that he is ready to do a final import to my new website. Don't ask me for details, I am ignorant on how these things work.

I will let you know here on this blog, when the other one is up and running so you all can head that way when it is time.

All of you who have left a comment on this blog, will also receive an e-mail on when the new site is up.

It is very very close...

Thanks for reading and until the next entry!


Greeting from the Pacific Northwest

Hello Nancy,It's Sarah...your biggest "Adrienne Gloves" fan :) How was San Francisco? Did you make it to any of the knitting stores or restaurants I suggested?I love this idea to give these poppies away! You are truly a philathropist in the knitting world.Haop all is well.

Hi Sarah!

Hi Sarah, so nice to hear from you!I often thought of you while I was in San Francisco. I made it to Article Pract, but didn't make it to the other venues I am sorry to say. It was waaaay out of my neighborhood... But still, thanks for your recommendations!


Love your new website.  I have followed your blog for a long time!

Hi there longtime follower :)

Hi there longtime follower! So glad you came by and that you love my new website... much appreciated!

Beautiful project!

Nancy, what a beautiful and sweet project!Too bad I'm not living in San Fransisco hihi.So nice your website is here now. I really like it! You should be proud! :)Good luck!With love Charly

Hi Charly!

I am so glad you came by! How's everything in Amsterdam? I miss you all...

This is a test comment!

This is a test comment!

Your poppies project is so

Your poppies project is so uplifting and inspirational. I love it!

The poppies are so

The poppies are so delightful! I'm really looking forward to see where they end up. It's a wonderful, generous idea and I hope you have a lot of fun with it.

I hope all goes well with the

I hope all goes well with the transition to your new website. I will be doing the same, but not for a while. Once again, you are inspiring me! Can't wait for the poppy posts--I have a feeling those will be amazing.

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