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The brand Cascade has a very good selections of yarns. One of their populair ones is Cascade 220, a very affordable and sturdy yarn for a good price. At the yarnstore, it is one of those yarns that we sell a lot of.

One of my favorite yarns from Cascade, however, is the one called "Venezia".

Content: Merino and Silk Yardage: 219 Retail Price: $14,00 Yarnweight: Medium Ply: Multiple

Durability with dressy appearance


Because of its multiple ply, this yarn is a very durable yarn. Meaning that it holds up well, doesn't pill that much, and it pretty sturdy. With these traits, Venezia is certainly not a frail and sensitive yarn. She can very much hold her own! Not only is Venezia very durable and sturdy, she is also very dressy. The merino content provides warmth and softness, the silk content assures a chique and classy appearance. No wonder I choose this Cascade Venezia for two sweater projects in the past! Regular readers of this blog must rememeber my very first "Tubey" and also my "Attitude":

Finished Tubey Attitude3

After many times of wearing these sweaters, I am happy to report that they still look as if I had knitted them just yesterday. And that makes me very very happy.

A pleasure to knit with

Not only am I very taken with its content and durability, I am also taken with the way this yarn feels while working with it: simply heavenly!

I can only say good things about this yarn and highly recommend it for many projects from hats, to sweaters to fingerless gloves.

Pattern suggestions for this yarn


I have found this yarn to be excellent for my very own Adrienne Gloves. Although I have no picture of this yarn knitted up as Adrienne's, I can assure you it will not disappoint.

I have had a sample of this yarn knit up in Adriennes in our store and let me tell you, it sold like hot cakes!

Another pattern recommendation would be the Felicity Hat designed by Wanett Clyde.

I am also thinking that this yarn would be excellent for a lace pattern. Try just any lace pattern that calls for a medium weight yarn and I am convinced it will turn out just beautiful.

So, next time you are in your yarnstore and they carry the brand Cascade, be sure to ask for Cascade Venezia. It is my all time favorite yarn, and I recommnend it highly to knitters!

Interested in more information about my Tubey Sweater and Attitude Sweater? Click here and read all about it!

Thanks for reading and until the next entry.


[...] Need I rave more about

[...] Need I rave more about this yarn? Nuff said, methinks, but just in case you missed that blogpost I dedicated to Venezia, read all about it here:  Cascade Venezia [...]

Girl, if that yarn in those

Girl, if that yarn in those patterns looked any better on you, it would be a crime! I am scoring some Venezia ASAP.

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