Bugging out in Washington D.C. while wondering what "yarn" is

Notes from the past During Christmas 2005 my husband and I found ourselves in Washington D.C. I remember those days as cold, grey and foggy... or maybe the last had to do with the fact that we were accomodated at Foggy Bottom, close to historical Georgetown. I could easily have chased away the grey. All I had to do is pick up my color pencils and draw. But my color pencils were silent ... Magenta didn't smile at me as she did before, Indigo was pouting and rolled his eyes at me while Vermillion refused to radiate her beauty. And Deap Sea Green? She acted like she didn't know me. Days and days went by colorlessly, without any inspiration and ever so silently. I had to do something, anything, whatever to be busy! So I started to get into origami. I surfed the net and taught myself to fold tiny little origami stars. For hours and hours, day after day, night after night I folded and folded, the repetition of the movements of my hands and fingers were soothing, the pastel colors were kind to me and made me giggle. By the time I had folded over a thousand tiny little origami stars, my husband said: "Woman, you are bugging out. You are totally bugging out! You need to go out there and find something else to be occupied with!" And so I did. I got up from my lotus position and left a thousand stars behind me to "go out there". I remember wandering through beautiful Georgetown with no particular purpose or place to go to when I passed this shop called "StitchesDC". In the window there was a sign that said "YARN SALE" and I saw this beautiful knitted sweater on a mannequin. For the life of me, I did not know what the english word "YARN" meant. Now you must know that I am not a native english speaker and that word "YARN" puzzled me. That night I asked my husband: "Sweetie, what does the english word "YARN" mean? He explained to me that yarn is the material you knit with. "Oh", I replied and wanted to go back to that shop if only we weren't scheduled to leave Washington D.C. the next morning to travel to Tampa, FL. My curiosity for that strange and funny english word "YARN" had to be put on hold as I could not satisfy it right there and then. http://www.nitnoy.com/Origami/star_instruct.html http://www.origami.com.au/CRANEandSTARS.html


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[...] my husband explained to

[...] my husband explained to me in Washington D.C. what the english word “yarn” meant, I had outspoken the wish to learn how to knit, but [...]

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