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Just the other night, after I posted on my blog about Wanett Clyde's Felicity Hat, I was pouting pouting pouting because my hands hurt so bad that I could not knit. I had my worsted weight yarn ready to go and everytime I passed by it I would lament my miserable state of non-knitting being. And the gates of doom opened... I lamented the fact I couldn't knit, lamented the fact that the weather had been BLAH lately, lamented the fact that the yarn Karabella Breeze was absolutely not talking to me...DANG BREEZE!!!


And then, dear reader... BOOM..! It hit me. Hit me hard. Wait a minute... Karabella Breeze... and the Felicity Hat pattern... SWEEEEEET!!!! I looked at my hurting hands and said: "You wanna hurt me? You wanna hurt this knitter? Not tonight. I got a Felicity Hat to knit. You understand?'


Wanett Clyde's pattern calls for worsted weight yarn, and the Karabella Breeze that I used is more of a light DK weight pattern. So modifications were necessary! Instead of casting on 70 stitches I casted on 91 stitches.  QUESTION: Why 91 stitches, Nancy? ANSWER: When I read the pattern, I noticed that in the first increase round, the pattern tells you to K7, M1 to the end of round. So the pattern works with intervals of 7!  So all I have to do is add with multiple of 7. I chose to add 7x3=21 stitches more.

Soooo...70 + 21 = 91!

Other than using a much lighter weight yarn and therefore casting on more stitches, I did not change anything else. I followed the pattern exactly and it all worked out fine!


Felicity Hat1

I love this pattern so much, I immediately casted on for another one with some golden mercerized cotton I had in my stash. Yes a whole CONE that I am working from. Delicious.

The pattern is so incredibly easy, just straight stockinett in the round, some increases, some decreases and there you have it, a stylish hat...easy does it. Really.

Here's a view from the side:

Felicity Hat4

And here's a view from the back:

Felicity Hat2


Want to look stylin' too with your own Felicity Hat? Well what are you still doing here? Go to Wannett Clyde's blog Knitology and download the Felicity Hat pattern. Make sure to say thank you to Wannett, okay?

Or go to Ravelry and check out everybody else's Felicity Hat!

Say what..? You are not a member of Ravelry yet??? Is about time you sign up! What are you waiting for...go and sign up!


Thanks for reading and until the next entry!



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Bring that yarn!! Please :)

Bring that yarn!! Please :)

Hello, Nancy, It is a

Hello, Nancy,

It is a heady experience to view your prolific creations. Any news as to the choli pattern becoming available? Are you holding back in order to create, perhaps, a trio of patterns? Best of fortune to you.


Hi, I caught this on Ravelry.

Hi, I caught this on Ravelry. It looks fab on you!!

Love it! I think I need to

Love it! I think I need to make one, too. Which means, of course, another trip to the shop.

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This is my kind of pattern.

This is my kind of pattern. Simple but oh so elegant. You look so glamorous! Thanks for sharing Nancy.

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