Today was another fun day at yarn shop La Casita in Brooklyn and somehow the color blue seemed to play a significant role.

It started when I picked out some gorgeous aqua/teal blue Magnum yarn from Cascade to knit up a luscious garter stitch scarf. I treated myself on a velvet cupcake and couldn't resist to take a picture:


Then, knitter Michelle came by to show us her garter stitch cowl in progress. She only had to seam her piece up and I explained to her how to. 

She was so excited! And so was I...

Blue2     Blue3     Blue4

It was such a delight to see how much fun she had and the seaming part she did with much ease. Minutes later, she was wearing her cowl and looking for another project! Yay!


Next up is knitter Erin who wanted to make that same cowl and she picked out a dark teal color to work with. Erin and I were happily knitting away at the bar:

Blue6 Blue7

And finally, knitter Anne needed help with her project. She is working on one of my patterns (Adrienne Gloves) and was wondering if she was doing everything okay. We both inspected her work, and I could only conclude that Anne was on the right track and everything looked fine.


The yarn Anne is working with, is a fantastic blue yarn from Art Yarns but a bit challenging to work with becuase of two strands and beads. Besides that, there were certain stitches Anne is doing for the very first time: SSK and KFB. 

Anne is doing very well and I cannot wait to see her finished project!

Promoting and mentoring

As you can see, I have been promoting my work and I also have been mentoring knitters over the past few days. 

It's been so much fun for me and although I come home late in the evening, it is all so worth it. Being in a yarn shop and seeing knitters progress in their projects is a joy to witness.

Even more so rewarding is when I can convince a fairly new knitter that they can tackle a certain project. And when they come in to show me what they have done so far, and to tell me that they are so proud of what they have accomplished, well... that makes me proud for them!

I will be every day at La Casita's until Sunday, so hopefully see you soon!

And to all my knitting friends that are not in NYC and follow this blog... I miss you and wish you could be here. Hopefully, my blog posts will give you the feeling that you are also right there at La Casita's with me!

Flowers at La Casita's

Thank you for reading and until the next entry!


Well done!

Can you please tell me the code for the colour you used? cheers

Sounds like....

you are doing well in the Big apple.I enjoy keeping up with you on your blog.Anne M from Close Knit

You're a born teacher!

NYC is lucky to have you. Don't you just love Magnum?

Susan, I love Magnum. And it

Susan, I love Magnum. And it is so reasonably priced too!

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