My crafty weekend retreat at the Oregon Coast with a bunch of other ladies was a lovely time.

Often times I knit in solitude, but being with other creative people and feeling their swirling energy while they are creating, just like me, is a refreshing experience.

Not only were there knitters, there were also sewers. I was in awe of their productivity and silently absorbed all they were doing. It made me want to sew too...




But as much I was in awe of the sewers, I am at heart a knitter.

Knitting belongs to me, and I to it. We are an absolute perfect couple. There is no explanation why I love it so much. I just do it with much ease and dedication, it is almost as if I cannot help it.


If you ever have contemplated a crafty retreat with friends, I would say, DO IT. It is a lovely experience to be around creative and productive people, and I assure you, your creativity will bloom.

Developing a pattern


Over the weekend I have developed, yet once again, a fingerless glove pattern.

The initial idea for this pattern, sprung to mind right before I left for Amsterdam and finally has made it through several prototypes. All in all it took me 3 prototypes before I was completely satisfied.

I knitted the first try outs with a wonderful yarn from Classic Elite called "Fresco" (left in picture below) and the final design is knitted with a wonderful mongolian cashmere from the brand Jade Sapphire (on the right in picture below).


Besides being both red and  sports weight, these two yarns have one other thing in common: they bloom so deliciously after blocking!


Nancy, what does that mean "yarn blooms after blocking"?


First of all, there are many ways of "blocking". My favorite way of blocking is to submerge my piece in cold water with some Eucalan.

I then take my piece out of its bath, gently squeeze all the water out, wrap it in a towel and squeeze even more water out. Then I lay it flat to dry.

Often times I find, that after blocking, some yarns bloom so beautifully. They fluff up and their beauty radiates, giving it a delicious halo and softness. I simply adore yarn when it does that!

Going lighter weight


In recently published patterns, I have been working with worsted weight yarn or even bigger.

In future patterns, you will notice that I am going lighter!

Yes it takes longer to knit up a piece that is made with smaller yarn and smaller needles, but oh, the results are so beautiful. I simply love how flat the knitted fabric lays on my skin. Bellissima! So pretty!

Give me a bit more time to finalize everything and to find a model to do a photoshoot, okay?

And then you will see the final product!

Thanks for reading and until the next entry!



I am excited to see your new

I am excited to see your new creation!

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