Betcha By Golly Wow


I don't know how I did it, but I made it through... for the past few weeks I have been under high pressure with working full days at the yarnshop and production knitting during the evenings until way after bedtime.


I don't know how I did it, but I made it through... for the past few weeks I have been under high pressure with working full days at the yarnshop and production knitting during the evenings until way after bedtime.

At times, it was hard to keep my composure, but taking deep breaths and closing my eyes for just a second, really helped.

Holiday production knitting can be quite overwhelming, don't you think?

But I made it, my word, I made it... 8 pairs of Adrienne Gloves, 5 pairs of short gloves both scalloped and striped, 5 pairs of Simple Long Fingerles Gloves, a luscious Feather and Fan Scarf, a Rowan Big wool scarf, several hats and numerous Kidsilk Aura cowls were the result of my production knitting over the past month.

And it was all for a Holiday Party at the Ginger Suite Salon, owned by my dear friend Kassandra Sommerville.

You all know Kassandra very well, she modeled in a couple of my patterns!


Wonderful and inspirational party at the Ginger Suite in Portland, Oregon


Last Saturday I rushed to the Ginger Suite after a day of work at the yarnshop. When I arrived there were all beautifully dressed ladies, all smiling and looking good. How it made me happy!


Allthough I had my camera with me, I was too exhausted to take pictures of everybody... so I ended up taking just a few pictures of all the beautiful things my friends had created for the party.

Calley Dodero's handknits and feather creations, Jody Howard's handmade jewelry and Kassandra Sommerville's handdyed vintage slips really lit up the Ginger Suite Salon. I felt so honored that my work was among their creations!

GingerSuiteParty093 GingerSuiteParty0917 GingerSuiteParty092 Hand dyed vintage slips

It was so inspirational to me to see all of their work! I just couldn't stop taking pictures of Calley Dodero's mesmerizing feather creations...

GingerSuiteParty0922 GingerSuiteParty0921 GingerSuiteParty0919

And her embellished headbands were the sensation of the night!

Stunning piece GingerSuiteParty0912 GingerSuiteParty0917

Handknitters out there mark my words... we are going to hear more about Calley Dodero in the future. She is one talented lady!

Releasing the stress

Dear reader, it has been a couple of stressful weeks for me... the release of my patterns, putting myself out there,  production knitting and working a lot of days at the yarnshop.

But I bravely kept on going, putting on my big girl panties every day and dealing with it... all with a smile on my face. And in the evenings, despite the hurting in my hands from production knitting, I kept on going.

Finally, this morning during breakfast, I was able to release my stress.

While I was still in bed, my husband prepared a wonderful breakfast for me. I heard some soul music from the seventies playing and when I came downstairs, the kitchen was just filled with yummy scents and breakfast was served!

When we sat down at the breakfast table one of my favorite songs was playing: Betcha by golly wow by the Stylistics.

I started to get teary eyed and by the time the lyrics hit, I was just sobbing like a baby! I held my husbands hand, so happy that he was by my side...

Dreaming the dream is one thing. Actually putting it into action is hard work that may come with stress and at times lots of insecurities and questions whether what I am doing is the right thing.

But whatever may happen, whether I fail or succeed, I know I will be my husband's number one and shining star always. And that dear reader, makes me one happy woman.

Betcha by golly wow, you're the one that I have been waiting for forever, And ever will my love for you keep growing strong, keep growing strong.

Thank you for reading and until the next entry!



I am sorry to miss another

I am sorry to miss another Getting Purly event. Saturday became a crazy day at our place. I am sorry to have missed it. Hope you had a great evening. See you soon!

You are a talented artist,

You are a talented artist, and warm spirit to be around, I always end up smiling when I see you. So glad to have met you!!! Keep you chin up!

Sounds like the event was a

Sounds like the event was a success! It was nice to see you at Close Knit; you seemed poised and ready for anything, and it was so close to your deadline. See you soon!

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