Over at the Closeknit blog, they wrote an article about me... Aw, shucks, you guys...go check it out:

Goodbye and Good luck

Tomorrow, Sunday March 7th, is my very last day...

Come see me...




Hoi Nance Ga je verhuizen?

Hoi Nance Ga je verhuizen? Heeft je man vanwege zijn werk een andere locatie gekregen? Dat is nog al wat. heb je vrienden en een leuke baan gevonden moet je alles achterlaten. Jammer. We kunnen je wel blijven volgen en California is een leuke plek vlakbij het strand dat is helemaal leuk wonen en warm. Heel veel succes met z'n tweeen en dat jullie gauw kunnen settelen. Groetjes fam van Dijk

My two daughters and I met

My two daughters and I met you on the first day of the PYC and you were so kind. You showed my older daughter the "secret" hat and helped her find the yarn you used. We enjoyed talking with you about your patterns, and I purchased the mitts along with my daughter's purchase of the Sally Hat and yarn because you mentioned that you created them for the owner. I thought they were special. We hadn't realized just how special those patterns must be with you moving. Although our paths only crossed briefly, I want you to know you made new friends from the other side of Oregon. My youngest daughter is eager to learn to knit the mitts. She only knows how to crochet. I wish you all the best with your new adventure and we'll follow you on your blog. Thank you for the wonderful experience we had at Close Knit. When we are in the Portland area we'll visit the shop again.

Nancy, So sorry to have


So sorry to have missed your goodbye party at CK--just now reading your big news! You will be missed. Best wishes & good luck!


I will miss you! Good luck

I will miss you! Good luck with your move. Your patterns have greatly improved my knitting. Look forward to reading about your new adventures!

Hi Nancy! I will miss your

Hi Nancy!
I will miss your smiling face at Close Knit, it was a pleasure to know you! I wish you all the best in your future endeavor's.

HI Nancy, moved out all my

HI Nancy, moved out all my stuff yesterday! will love to see you in the bay Area sometime in the next month or two: )
I hope all is going well and with grace.
love to you

We'll keep following you

We'll keep following you wherever you end up. Keep those great designs coming!

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