Army of Poppies


I have knitted all hundred of them, tagged them, and lined them up. They look like an army, my poppies of endearment!

They are clustered in groups of three, and I need to write something on the tags before I set them free in San Francisco. I have been cracking my brains all morning what to write... Not easy this part! But I will get through! 

Here are some of the words I have come up with:

"Anger is a wilted flower. Replace it by a fresh and colorful one: LOVE."

"Give the gift of kindness. It will make others smile and your heart will bloom."

"Your carriage to Happiness is awaiting. Hop on in and enjoy the magical ride!"

"You are embraced by Grace every single day. Marvel in it."

Pristine and orderly

There is something about a blanc tag. As if you have a whole new chance to come up with something new and fresh. Something pristine about it.


And to have them all so orderly and neatly lined up on the table. I kind of like that, when things look organized!


I really am so curious how people will react to them once they find a Poppy of Endearment... Next week I will be in NYC and once I return to San Francisco, I will go out there and release the poppies.

As for other knitting

Lately, I have been feeling rather uninspired... I really don't know how come, maybe it is because this time of year where there is not so much emphasis on knitting? 

I have been searching for a pattern that would grip me and have me so tickled that I cannot wait to cast on but alas. So many beautiful patterns out there, and not one that entices me. Sigh...

So out of pure boredom and because I simply have to knit something, I have been knitting some patterns of my own.

Several Sally Gloves, buttons are attached but I still need to seam them:


I love these flapper buttons:


A bunch of Lana Gloves (pattern soon to be released) some still not blocked:


Do you all have that too, that you just cannot find the right pattern to knit? And yes, I know that I can design my own, but sometimes, just sometimes, I just want to cast on and knit a pattern that somebody else has figured out for me.

Oh! before I forget! I did stumble upon a fabulous hat pattern called Amelia Earhart designed by Flor and I recommend you to make it. It's construction is a bit strange in the beginning but if you just keep on following the pattern, all will be just fine and everything will fall into place.

Photo 220

There. I am glad at least one pattern was able to get my juices going!

Thank you for reading and until the next entry!



You've been busy! Love those

You've been busy! Love those flapper buttons and love those poppies.


Thanks! I cannot wait to release those poppies!

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