An afternoon at the COBRA Museum


Wikipedia on COBRA:

COBRA was a European avant-garde movement active from 1949 to 1952. The name was coined in 1948 by Christian Dotremont from the initials of the members' home cities: Copenhagen (Co), Brussels (Br), And Amsterdam (A).

Just the other day I decided to go the the COBRA Museum which is situated just outside of Amsterdam. The main reason why I visited this particular Museum, is that tourist don't bother too much to come all the way out here. They'd rather flock to the Van Gogh or Rijksmuseum in downtown Amsterdam.


As I avoid crowds, COBRA was a welcome venue to me. As I was walking around, looking at paintings that either would struck me or not at all, I suddenly encountered this:


I was trying to see the models eyes through the fabric that was covering her face. As I draw closer and closer, I realized how odd it must be for the person behind the fabric, to have a perfect stranger staring at you so intensily.

Needless to say, we had some kind of an odd non-verbal and no gesture communication.

Then in another room I encountered this:


Yet another no face, no hair, no make up model. It certainly grabbed my attention and left me with an uncomfortable yet fascinated feeling.

Ah art... the feelings and emotions it evokes, no?

Conforming to the artist's world


I quickly learn that the man behind the no face models, is dutch artist AZIZ. Also notice how every visitor is wearing a blue coat with beret?

And yes, yours truly has to conform too, to AZIZ's world. While I am walking around in my gorgeous black handknitted cashmere sweater, I am gently tapped on the shoulder and am asked to, just like everybody else, get a blue coat and beret.

Ummm... allright... I guess...


A spark of Inspiration... POW!

As I was watching all blue coated and beret wearing visitors, the no face models started to freak me out and I felt so bland, so the same like everybody else. Maybe I myself felt like I had no face either, no identity either...


And then, suddenly, among all of us blue coated, beret wearing and no face models this little sexy number walks into the scene!


The contrast given was great, I loved it so much! And when she danced her Burlesque/Cabaret performance on the catwalk, right before all the no face models walked up, I was just jumping up and down of excitement! Love!


When I left the scene my head was filled with all kinds of knitwear designs for Burlesque/Carabet Theater... fun fun fun!

Thank you AZIZ. What wonderful inspiration you have given me. LOVE IT!

To read more about AZIZ visit his website:

To read more about the COBRA, click here

Thank you for reading and until the next entry!


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Amazing! Ahh inspiring!!! I

Amazing! Ahh inspiring!!! I can't wait to see your inspiration unfold .xo

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