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I am a happily married, 38 year old woman. I lived mostly all of my life in the Netherlands. I embarked on a magical trip when I decided to follow my heart, which not necessarily is easy and smoothsailing. In 2005 I married a guy from New York and left the Netherlands to be in America. After several years of traveling with my husband, I arrived in the Pacific NorthWest of the United States of America. Its beauty took my breath away and I staid for several years. Nowadays, I am uprooted again, but we hope to settle in NYC very soon. Not too long ago, in February 2006, knitting and yarn have become my passion. It started out just to kill time, but as time passed, I so deliciously found myself in a realm of colors, patterns, knitting needles, purled stitches, knitted stitches, books and ... yarn ... so much beautiful yarn... Several months after I learned how to knit, I started to write patterns. Currently, I design easy patterns and produce picture tutorials. Above all, I want to encourage everybody to knit! It is really not hard. If little old me can do it, you can do it too. Welcome to my little corner of blogosphere. My name is Nancy Ricci. Contact me at:   gettingpurlywithit[at]yahoo[dot]com Find me on Ravelry as "Gettingpurly".


Hello I cannot find an email

Hello I cannot find an email addy to contact you by. But I would like to purchase your Sally Hat with a money order or pay pal to include shipping and handling. could you please inform me as to how and where to send it?



Hi, Nancy, I thought you would like this dress. I'm the Lynne that comes into Closeknit and is a rug hooker.

I really love your blog, by the way.

Is tomorrow, Tuesday 2/24, a

Is tomorrow, Tuesday 2/24, a good time to interview you for my blog? I'm hsving my car worked on so I thought it would be nice to hang out at the shop while it's being working on. I could come over at 10am. Let me know what you think. I didn't know how to get in touch with you...I guess I don't have your email.

Hi Nancy, I have completed

Hi Nancy,

I have completed your Seattle gloves, one pair for myself and one glove so far for my daughter. I took out 4 blocks width wise and two block rows length wise for her. She's 7 and smallish. I just want to say your pattern rocks. I am a beginning knitter and your gloves were my second project knitting. I can tell the care you give in creating the pattern as things just fell together so easy and it made understanding knitting so much easier. I just had to thank you and tell you that I'm so glad to have discovered your blog.

Thanks Again,

Hi Nancy, Contact me with an

Hi Nancy,
Contact me with an email address and I'll send you a PDF of my resumé. Nice blog!

Hey Nancy! This is Blake

Hey Nancy!

This is Blake from the teashop of yester-year. I just wanted to pop in and say "hi" and I hope you're having a great New Year!

Hey! Love the patterns. Made

Love the patterns. Made 2 sets of adrian fingerless gloves. I would love to make the gloves you had in your class. Are you planning on posting the pattern soon?

Nancy your knitting abilities

Nancy your knitting abilities blow me away. You are so gifted and talented. I love the passion you have for knitting and your designs are so creative and beautiful. Keep it up girl! Where are you in making that back room cozier?

Nancy, You helped me today at

Nancy, You helped me today at the store (fingerless gloves and French girl hat). I had been in the store twice before and had met Frank, who was very helpful as you noted. I also recently moved from Memphis, TN where I had the opportunity to hear Amy Steinberg live on 2 occasions. What a great voice! Hope to see you on a Wednesday night. Alison Hopkins

Hi Nancy! I really love

Hi Nancy!

I really love your work around here. You do a great job in designing all those beautiful creations. Especially the patterns and the combinations of colors is very nicely done. Keep up the good work sis!

I wish you the best of luck and i hope you will grow in these activities. You never know what the future has to offer...


Nancy Your web site is


Your web site is great. What a creative woman you are. I tried to get the scarf patterns on the yahoo link but no success. Any suggestions on how to download.

If you don't remember me, I have been customer in Sally's shop and you have been so very helpful to me.


Hi Nancy, I saw your

Hi Nancy,
I saw your gorgeous fingerless gloves and can't wait for you to post the pattern. My daughter wants a pair for Christmas and I love the feather/fan ripple look. Please hurry!

Nancy you absolutely rock

Nancy you absolutely rock (sari-full or sari-less)! Love the site, love the insight. And thank you for the awesome scarf pattern. I may have to start a scrapbook: "Naomi's First Lace"--let's hope it's not a tearjerker... ; ) See you soon I hope! Naomi

Hi Nancy, Thanks for the

Hi Nancy,

Thanks for the inspiration and for your fun and lovely website. See you at the store sometime soon. Happy knitting! Larisa

Hi Nancy, I have just

Hi Nancy,
I have just bookmarked your site. Thank you for your glove patterns! I found you through a google search. I was looking for a way that would work for me to knit fingerless gloves. I live ten minutes from the border. Perhaps I will see you at a knitting store sometime. Or at Fibre Fest in May in Abbotsford, BC.
I love your Lady Elenor's and one day when I get brave I will have to attempt them. All the best to to you!

Hi there Nancy! I found your

Hi there Nancy! I found your blog through a random unrelated google search. I am also Dutch (my parents immigrated from the Netherlands), live in the Pacific Northwest (though a little more North, in Canada), and love to knit! Happy knitting and I look forward to checking out more of your projects!

Nancy, do you know about the

Nancy, do you know about the website: afghansforafghans.org? It has information on how to knit childrens' items and get them to the right place before winter in Afghanistan. This has nothing to do with your postings, but thought you could get the word out. Thanks, Margaret (the felted purse with African dolls that you photographed at close knit.)

nancy such beautiful things.

nancy such beautiful things. would love to get your email address to invite you to a gathering at our new home. hope you are well. cheers jenni

Nancy, I like your blog


I like your blog and your tutorials are great! I found you via Twisted Purls. I taught my mom to knit but I am still a novice and I am going to send her your cable info as she has been bugging me to teach her. Take care!

Hi Nancy! Love your blog!

Hi Nancy!

Love your blog! I have been talking to Frith about June 2nd at 12:00 for the sari show at her house. Would you be up for going up the night before perhaps? She says she has two comfortable fold out couches for us and will love to have us stay over saturday night too.

I'm thinking it might be more fun to take the train, then we can both knit. It would require getting some bags of sarees to the train station, but I think with a taxi we could manage. I have my little smart cart, which folds up so we could easily get around. Still thinking through the logistics of that.

I'm very excited, Bob is going to teach me spinning in private lessons. I am just about ready to buy a spinning wheel! Wheeee!

take care

hey i met you outside the

hey i met you outside the bike repair joint.

Hey Nancy I could not find

Hey Nancy
I could not find where you mention your contest. Does this comment count to be entered in the drawing?

Nancy, All the pictures are

Nancy, All the pictures are the correct size now. They look very good! You are very clever.

Great job, Nancy! Looking

Great job, Nancy! Looking forward to more! That bag is awesome!

hey Nancy, Your stuff looks

hey Nancy,
Your stuff looks great. The pictures are really big.

Hey Nancy, The site is

Hey Nancy,
The site is great! I am looking forward to more of it.

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