The Getting Purly With It team

McGuire Barber Design

Over the past few years I have been very fortunate to work with two talented graphic designers from the company McGuire Barber Design.

I met Patrick and Holly in 2008 while working in yarn shop Closeknit on Alberta street in NE Portland, Oregon. I remember how Patrick asked me if I knew how to knit the fisherman's rib stitch. Little did I know that later down the road, Patrick and Holly would help me design a lay out for Getting Purly With It patterns!

Patrick and Holly are very professional and deliver fantastic work. They live up to promise, are a pleasure to work with and I always enjoy our meetings. 

They do all of my graphic design and they take care of production and printing of my patterns.

So far, I have put out 6 patterns with them and in the future I can rely on their help for a book project. 

I am very satisfied and very proud of the products we have created together.

gpwi_TristansScarf_M-1 gpwi_SallyGlove_M-1 gpwi_PoppyFlower_M-1 gpwi_KassandrasCowl_print-1 gpwi_PapaJonCowl_M-1 LLC - Human Scale Web Development

In the year 2009 I decided I wanted my own website and contacted Andy Bottman, founder and owner of the web development company LLC in Portland, Oregon.

I felt very comfortable from the very first meeting we had and decided to go ahead and work with Andy and his team.  

I held a presentation in front of web developer Andy and art director Didi Davidovich of how I wanted my website to be. They listened carefully, followed up on my vision and the results are right in front of your very eyes. It is exactly how I envisioned my website to be and then some.

I am very very happy with the work delivered by Andy, Tim and Didi at BBros. I couldn't have wished for a better team.

small_andy_b       thumb_tim6      small_didi_d_0

Very proud I am!

To create a wonderful product with very talented people who are a pleasure to work with is something to be very proud of. And very proud I am!

I want to thank McGuireBarber Design and LLC for being on the Getting Purly With It team.

With their excellent talent and skills they have helped me bring my vision and ideas to life in a way I could have never done by myself.