About Nancy Ricci


My name is Nancy Ricci and I am the creative mind behind "Getting Purly With It".

I pursued a marketing career in corporate business only to find out that it was not my path to happiness and fulfillement. I left the corporate world at the turn of the new millennium and haven't returned since.

In the year of 2001 I decided to follow my heart and in pursuit of happiness I met my husband on the magical island of Bali. During our adventurous travels throughout the United States of America I found a surprising passion: knitting.

All of a sudden I found myself in a magical realm of knitting, designing and so much beautiful yarn. Soon after, I started a knitting blog and named it "Getting Purly With It ~ adventures and yarn lustings of a passionate knitter".

My mission is to encourage other knitters to have fun with their knitting and to find their creative satisfaction. A creative life in which you make beautiful things with your own two hands empowers you and makes you realize that you can create anything you want.

Welcome to my world of knitting, story telling, inspiration and passion! I hope you will enjoy it...

Yours truly, 

Nancy Ricci